This demo is running on WordPress 4.6.1 and BuddyPress 2.7.0.

You could create a test account and try all front-end functionality of the Plugin since the users must be loged in to post feedbacks and ratings. All test accounts and posts will be deleted automaticaly after 30 minutes.

First, please, read the Documentation. Then navigate site and try plugin functionality via header menu and right side bar.

After Plugin activation the main plugin page “Feedback rating” has been created.
If You are using BuddyPress plugin, You can use BuddyPress members directory to show users ratings instead of Feedback rating page, as described in Documentation.

Users can add feedback with rating to each other after some communication. After user received feedback he must reply to this one before adding a new feedback to the first user. All received user’s feedbacks and replies with comments are displaying on the one user’s rating page like http://yoursite/feedbacks/user/user_login (newest updated first) and could be editing from here.

Delay before next new rating from “user A” to “user B” can be added is 2 minutes in this demo.

The plugin has an Unique smart auto block/unblock algorithm, which help You don’t waste a time to block/unblock users manually. To turn it on just activate and set settings You like ).