Feedback Rating Pro

Wordpress trust plugin for any community!

Rating plugin to count all Positive, Neutral and Negative users feedbacks for each other and show them in different styles in users directory, user profile page, BuddyPress activity stream, BuddyPress members directory or wherever You need. An Unique algorithm to auto block/unblock users is saving your time!
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Select user's roles for applying rating. Useful to exclude administrator or include/exclude your blog specific roles.

Select rating icons style from Stars, Thumbs, Signs, or upload your custom.

Define delay before next new rating from "user A" to "user B" can be added. Useful to prevent cheat ratings.

Limit total ratings from "user A" to "user B". Useful to prevent cheat ratings.

Google translate button for auto translation all displayed feedbacks depending on visitor's browser language settings. Useful to Multilanguage communities.

Buddypress Members and Activity integration.

E-mail notification to user when he got new rating or his account has been blocked/unblocked.

An unique smart auto block/unblock algorithm, which help You don't waste a time to block or unblock users manually.

Top 10 users rating widget to display Top 10 users by positive or by negative rating.

Is translate ready via *.po files.

Delete all posts and ratings from blocked users.

Show user total rating in separate (10 positive, 3 negative) or summary (7 positive) style.

The Plugin is using styles of your theme and it's ready to your site just out of the box.